Best Jute Yarn Manufacturer In India

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Jute yarn is the most valuable product made from raw jute, almost 90% of total raw jute production is utilised to make jute yarn. High quality jute yarns are used to produce various jute products like wrapping bales, coarse clothes, sacks, bags, curtains, chair covers, area rugs, carpets, hessian fabric, and many more. To ensure the best quality products you need to maintain a regular supply of premium quality jute yarn to your production unit.

Top Jute Yarn Manufacturer In India

Jute Yarn Manufacturer in India
Jutex Industries is the best Jute yarn manufacturer in India that manufactures premium quality jute yarns that can be used to make various jute products of the highest quality. At Jutex industries we ensure the quality of our products by ensuring a continuous supply of the best quality raw jute, grown in the best farms. Raw jute is then processed by some of the most experienced hands and goes through intense quality checks so every time you buy from us, we can guarantee the quality of our product.

In the twenty years that we have been in Jute business, quality has always been our first focus. Our objective has always been to uphold high standards for quality through ongoing product analysis and in-depth research and development. Every step of the production process, from acquiring raw materials to delivering the finished goods, is subjected to stringent quality tests

We stock all our raw materials and finished products like jute twine, jute yarn and hessian clothes in our well ventilated Warehouses, so the products don’t get damaged due to any unforeseen circumstances and you get the best products from the best Jute yarn manufacturer in India.

Premium Quality Products and Premium Customer Services

We constantly welcome client feedback and work to make adjustments to provide them with the highest level of pleasure. Our production and manufacturing procedures adhere to the standards established by several Indian and international quality control organisations. Our distinctive “quality control” culture penetrates every aspect of the business.

So if you are in need of the best quality jute yarns for your business, then you can contact Jutex right  away. We have been the best jute yarn manufacturer in India for the past two decades and aim to remain one. Our sales team is dedicated towards offering you the best price quotation so you can generate more revenue by doing business with us. So call us today, together we grow.
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